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his face

I LIKE TRAINS KID is a kid that loves trains. The only thing he ever says is "I like trains." He says it because his brain is obviously shaped like a train and he likes trains. Scientists are still trying to figure out why he is a "trainiac". They think he might be cursed or if it's something with his train-shaped brain. Every time he says "I like trains", a train is summoned and it will run over the nearest person standing next to him. Usually they die and it creates a huge bloody mess all over the place but he doesn't care. He has killed many people by saying "I like trains" including his classmates, teacher, and even his fiance at his wedding! Many people think he is the coolest guy ever but some hate him for killing people. He also likes potatoes once in a while which causes a rivalry between potatoes and trains. His debut was in asdfmovie2 by TomSka. He also appeared in asdfmovie3.

The character itself is voiced by Eddsworld creator, Edd Gould, due to his interest of trainsHow to survive from I LIKE TRAINS KID's train?

The only way of surviving I LIKE TRAINS KID's trains is by saying this phrase "Oh long Johnson!".

List of things he destroyed or killed when saying his phrase

  • Fiance
  • Church
  • School
  • Teacher

    I LIKE TRAINS (asdfmovie song)

    His very own theme song

  • Classmates
  • Date
  • School
  • Fancy house
  • International Space Station
  • You
  • Justin Beaver
  • C2


He was in a very little room with nothing in it. He said "I LIKE TRAINS " and ended up being run over by a train.