Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs holding the iThingamabob.

The iThingamabob is a who-knows-what created by Steve Jobs and produced by Apple. It is a random item only available in Koridai and some parts of Canada. It was invented about five minutes before he died.

The iThingamabob is believed to be the combination of the iPhone 7, the iPad, and the iMac. As Everybody knows Steve Jobs was a raging alcoholic, he was most likely drunk on his deathbed as he created this device. He took a bunch of random stuff laying around him, and he shoved all of it into one device.

After creating the iThingamabob, he got up out of his deathbed to present it on stage. After the four minute presentation ended, he went back to his deathbed where he died knowing he put one more crappy gadget into the world. People only bought the iThingamabob out of pity for Steve Jobs, for it can't actually do anything useful.

The iThingamabob was almost succeeded by an iThingamabob 2, but then the ghost of Jobs came to Apple HQ and told them not to. He then went back to Hell while the employees who witnessed this went through extensive therapy.

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