ISteve Jobs

The iSteve Jobs

The iSteve Jobs is a device that was released by Apple in 2005 purely for promotional reasons. It was created by Steve Jobs just to prove how stuck up and stubborn he is. He took an iPad, and modified it so it just showed his face with "Steve Jobs" written above it. He then sold it as a fancy new gadget. The iSteve Jobs is the most successful product in the iSteve line. That's probably because it's the only product in the iSteve line.

Put simply, the iSteve Jobs is good for absolutely nothing. It was only sold because Steve Jobs threatened to kill Everybody if they did not try to sell it. None of the buttons do anything, nor are there any built in functions. The only thing it ever does is display Jobs' face and name. Occasionally the picture might blink, but that's about it. Some claim the picture watches them when they aren't looking, but these people stopped claiming this when Jobs had his private assassins kill them.

The iSteve Jobs has received only positive reception. Except for the negative reception, which was most of it. The iSteve Jobs was criticized for the fact that it is totally useless in every way and it smells kind of funny. It is also criticized for the fact that it is somehow a choking hazard even though it's way to big to fit in a baby's mouth.

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