IPod Shuffle

Who wants to buy this?!

The iPod Shuffle is the last iPod device to be made by Apple. It was created after the iPhone made the iiPod obsolete. The iPod Shuffle was something Steve Jobs decided to make when he realized he might lose money. He manufactured the iPod Shuffle in 2004, but stopped production only seven months later.

The iPod Shuffle was a piece of crap that Steve Jobs tricked the average idiot into buying in a last ditch hope of earning money in the music player business. The iPod Shuffle is just like the iPod, except totally useless. The only song the iPod Shuffle can play is called "iPod Shuffle". This song is simply the word "Shuffle" said over and over again for two hours.

The iPod Shuffle received negative reviews, but Steve Jobs does not care because he made OVER 9000 UnDollars on this device. The only person who liked it was Morshu, and people have no idea what's wrong with him.

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