Ralph iPod

The iPod promotional poster 1992-2004

The iPod is a mysterious device that generates magical sounds (music). It was invented by Steve Jobs and was the product that started off Apple. Nowadays, the iPod is considered inferior because it was invented all the way back in 1992. The iPod still experiences some success in Stania and Pickle Land however.

The iPod was first created when Steve Jobs took lotsa random wires and random tools and started hitting stuff until it all fit together. He invented this weird thing called music and Everybody liked it. He then invented this thing called brainwashing (it had already been invented, but we don't tell him that) and used it on all of the stupid people.

As the years went by, the iPods started to get more and more fragile so people would break them and buy another. Eventually they became so fragile, they broke before they made it to stores. As Apple was losing money, he ordered the production of the iiPod.

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