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IPhone Infinity

Steve Jobs ain't kiddin' 'round no more.

The iPhone Infinity is the iPhone that was made by Apple according to Steve Jobs' will. It was created in 2013 when the iPhone 11 did not do as well as expected in the first five minutes of sales. Jobs had predicted this and wrote it in his will to release it at that time, so that's what they did. IT is believed that Jobs was so drunk when he came up with this idea, he must have been having a beer party with Kool Aid Guy.

Only one iPhone Infinity was ever produced, for it is the largest phone that has ever been created. It is about twice as long as Earth, and it drains enough power in a day to light up the entire planet for three years. This does not bother anyone because who cares about the random power outages and damage to the environment?

Due to its massive size, the iPhone Infinity also has several features past phones do not. Instead of working off of satellites, it is a satellite. It has an Energy Blast capable of destroying a planet. It can hack into any computer in the entire world. And most importantly, it has the coolest music that has ever existed in the history of the UnUniverse.

The iPhone Infinity was bought by Pedo Bear. He bought it for $392,185,015,926 but it later turned out to be counterfeit. He was brought into court for the counterfeit and using it to spy on little kids. Phoenix Wright became his defense attorney, but Wright switched sides half way in and had Pedo Bear arrested. The iPhone Infinity was then given back to Apple and sold to Santa Claus so it is easier for him to spy on little kids, because it's okay when he does it.

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