IPhone 5

Now available on Mars.

The iPhone 5 is the crappiest cellular telephone since the iPhone 4. Like all of the other Apple products, the iPhone 5 was invented while Steve Jobs was dancing around in his little happy land. It is just like the other iPhones, except it looks different so all of the stupid people would buy it. Now Steve Jobs has so much money that he has to eat it just so he doesn't drown in it. This does not make any sense at all, but try telling that to Jobs. It was invented in 2006.

The iPhone 5 is smaller than the iPhone 4. This is because the iPhone 5 was supposed to fit in your pocket. Steve Jobs made the mistake of using his pocket as the test. His pockets are really big because he has to fit so much money in them. Besides this size change, the iPhone 5 also has a few other technical differences. The guys making it got bored and shot the prototype with a magnum, so now it does not work properly.

The iPhone 5 does have one plus however. It can actually pull off everything that is normally expected of a modern cell phone. The features don't work, but at least they are on the phone. Because of this, the phone is several times the price of past iPhones. The stupid people do not care because they are mindless brainwashed slaves of Steve Jobs.

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