IPhone 3

The iPhone 3, as fancy as always.

The iPhone 3 is a cell phone released by Apple in 2005. It was invented by Steve Jobs after the iPhone 2 started to lose sales. He figured that all of the stupid people had an iPhone 2. He decided that since they were only going to buy new ones when they broke (always), he would make a new type of iPhone and sell it for twice the price. The iPhone 3 was born.

The iPhone 3 is much like the iPhone 2. You see, Mr. Jobs has more important things to worry about than making "good quality products". He took an iPhone 2, and added a few pieces of scrap metal that don't do anything. Then to keep his customers buying his products, he added a device called a camera. This let the phone take pictures of stuff.

The iPhone 3 broke the record for most phones sold in one day. Of course, Steve Jobs hired people to buy his phones so it looked like they were more popular than they actually were. This in turn made Everybody want the iPhone 3. The iPhone 3 remained to be the most popular phone until the creation of the iPhone 4.

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