Look familiar?

The iPhone 11 is the iPhone that was created according to Steve Jobs' will and sold by Apple in 2013. It completed the process of making the iPhone really impractical to use that Jobs came up with while he was sipping too much Kool Aid. The iPhone 11 is considered the successor of both the iPhone 10 and the iPad.

In all aspects, the iPhone 11 is identical to the iPad in every way, shape, and form. In fact, it even has the word "iPad" engraved on the back. It is commonly believed that Jobs' will literally said to take an iPad and package it as the iPhone 11 to save money. The iPhone 11 does not do anything different or special, it's just an iPad with a different name.

The iPhone 11 broke the record for number of most sales of anything ever, but it is very likely that Apple just gave us the wrong number to make themselves look better. The UnAnything Team is not very good at analyzing their information.

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