IPhone 10

Not to scale.

The iPhone 10 is one of the stupidest products ever made by Apple. The first person to buy it was Blue It is simply too big to have a practical use in any real world situation. Though it is the size of a small child, it is no child's toy. It is actually a ridiculously expensive piece of equipment, costing over a million UnDollars. It was invented by Steve Jobs shortly before he died and produced in 2012.

The iPhone 10 was first designed when Steve Jobs wanted more of your money, even though he is dead. Because of this, he wrote plans for the next 100 inventions that Apple will release. It has plans about how to release it, where to build it, when to do this and that, and so fourth. He had planned to eventually make the iPhone become the size of an iPad, and an iPad to become the size of an iPhone. The iPhone 10 is one of the phones within this awkward transition. It is believed Steve Jobs created this idea when he was drunk.

The iPhone 10 is considered by many to be a downgrade of the last iPhone. This is probably because the iPhone 8 and iPhone 9 were never made, and they just kept going with the iPhone 10. The iPhone 10 is infamous for dropping calls and its inability to play YouTube videos. When someone downloded to many apps, It exploded and started signing "Beer, Beer BEEER!!!" Becausewhen he made it, he was Drunk


  • This is the first iPhone product since the iPhone 4 that doesn't help Pedo Bear.
  • The iPhone 10 requires apps specifically modified for its odd dimensions. Most of them still don't work.
  • iPhone 10 is actually the name of Steve Jobs' grandmother.
  • This is the first iPhone that is not fragile simply because it is so big.
  • The iPhone 10 is almost as fat as Your Mom.
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