IPad 2


The iPad 2 or the TriPad is the second version of the iPad. It is exactly like the first iPad, but shaped like a triangle. This was because Steve Jobs was clinically insane at the time he made it. When Tim Cook took over, he recalled most of the iPad 2s and dumped them into a landfill in New Mexico. It was replaced by the iPad 3.


  • It was one of the last things Steve Jobs made before he died.
  • It requires special apps to fit its triangular screen.
  • The iPad 2 was ranked the worst thing ever made by Apple by Biased Ratings.
  • Due to Tim Cook's reality distortion field, not a lot of people know that it ever existed.
  • Apple sold 10 million iPad 2s on the first day. This was because of Tornado Mimi and Typhoon Katrina. They were (and still are) rabid Apple fanboys, so they each brought 5 million of them (keeping one million each, and selling 8 million total on eBay.).
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