Typhoon Katrina Spoils Disney World Tour

Typhoon Katrina has spoiled the Disney World tour. The Disneyland tour went unaffected, but Disney World was ruined when Typhoon Katrina harmed it badly. This harmed both Katrina and Disney World. Rebuilds start soon.

Flagpole-sitting World Record Holder Dies

Dateline: New Brunswick. Mr. Melvin Cosgrove climbed a thirty-foot-pole and scrambled onto a six-by-six-foot platform. His goal: to break the world's record in flagpole sitting. That was sixteen years ago, and yesterday, his wife started wondering how Cosgrove was doing, especially since he was 84 years old when he started. His wife had climbed the pole this morning and found that he had indeed passed away. As a fitting tribute to her brave husband, Mrs. Cosgrove announced that for the next ten days, she will fly him at half-mast.

Syndicated Polandball Comic

And then a skeleton popped out
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