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The logo of this awful place.

Ikea is normally called a shopping complex, but that isn't true. Rather, it is a horrible, gigantic maze that is MUCH bigger on the inside than it looks, and it's already big on the outside. A single Ikea could be the size of a entire dimension. For some reason, adults are obsessed with it.


The only known inhabitants of this place are the people that work here, and obviously those that got lost. However, at nighttime, the workers become vicious and bloodthirsty, escalating problems even further. Defending against the workers is also pointless, as you become one yourself if you survive in this wretched place for over a week, but still can't get out.

How to Escape

It's simple. Once you enter, there IS no getting out. You're stuck in this "furniture store" forever. Unless you're lucky as crap or an Undefeatable, but I seriously doubt it.


Holy fuck, that's gigantic... just imagine how big it is INSIDE!

Known Locations


  • People have compared it to horror shames like Baldi's Basics. It's so much worse than that. Trust me, STAY AWAY!
  • The only known escapee was the Evil Gorilla (what he was doing in the UnWorld, I have no idea). It is thought he expanded dong to escape.
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