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iCarly is a show hosted by Carly Shay and produced by Apple. It was created by Steve Jobs when he wanted to promote Apple in 2003. He decided the only logical path was to hire some random teenagers to host a show sponsored by one of the most successful companies in the UnWorld. As usual, Jobs was most likely drunk at the time of the show's creation. Despite being created in 2003, it was not brought onto the air until 2007, when Nickelodeon showed interest in the series.

iCarly initially started out as a show where teenagers did stupid stuff and at the end they advertised an Apple product. But then Steve Jobs was unsatisfied with the results, and he turned the show into a documentary about Pokemon. This backfired and he changed it back to how it was before.

After four years of poor quality broadcasts, Jobs was tricked into signing a contract that lost him the rights to the show. Shay took over the show, and good quality broadcasts began. A few months later, new evidence turned up and proved Jobs was drunk at the time the contract was signed. This should have invalidated it, but Nobody really cared.

iCarly's legacy after Shay took over the show lives on to this day. In fact, Didney Chanull decided, in 2016, to make an evil bootleg of iCarly called Bizaardvark (With Jake Paul!) which Shay plans on suing the Didney Chanull executives for creating. Yet, because most children are stupid, they actually like Bizaardvark. Carly Shay does not approve.

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