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Hyper Sonic
Hyper Sonic.gif
Basically sonic after drinking WAY WAY way too much coffee!
Gender: Male
Hair color: Rainbow!
Eye color: Black
Age: 29
UnBirthday: 11/21/1992
Species: Hedgehog
Alive or Dead?: Alive
Death: NEVER!!
Dislikes: Turning back into regular Sonic
Known For: Killing WaHannibal Lecter
Powers: GOING FAST!!!!!
Alignment: Chaotic Good
UnRank: Infinity

Not to be confused with Sonic after drinking too much coffee.

Hyper Sonic is Sonic the Hedgehog's most powerful form of all time. When in the form of Hyper Sonic, Sonic is completely indestructible, as not even Super Eviler Bowser can harm him at all. Hyper Sonic is also capable of killing anyone he wants just by jumping into the air, and using his awesome powers. While Sonic is in his Hyper Sonic form, he is considered a member of the Lower Counsel of Undefeatables.

Sonic gained the ability to turn into Hyper Sonic after he got the Super Emeralds, which are like the Chaos Emeralds, but super. Some idiots think the Super Emeralds should turn him into Super Sonic, but they are wrong. The Super Emeralds make Hyper Sonic the most powerful god-like hedgehog ever. For some reason only Sonic can do this. Some say Knuckles can, but that was just because Knuckles ate some radioactive gunk.

Hyper Sonic's powers are legendary and incredibly powerful. As Hyper Sonic, he can not be harmed in any way, and he can destroy almost anything or anyone he wants. He can also blow up planets by shooting a Shoop da Whoop as powerful as the Death Star. Hyper Sonic is also believed to be immortal because Marx tried to kill him and FAILED.

Sonic has only turned into Hyper Sonic a few times before, because the Super Emeralds are hard to find. The most notable instance was when Chuck Norris put out a warrant for Sonic's arrest. He turned into Hyper Sonic, and Norris took back the warrant on the condition that Sonic never steal Chuck Norris' french fries again. Sonic also turns into Hyper Sonic just because he is a power-hungry animal.

He has also killed WaHannibal Lecter, but he respawned 5 minutes later