Hyness yelling out some foreign curse words.
KSA Hyness model.png

Hyness recreating the T-Pose meme.

Gender: Male
Hair color: None
Eye color: Gold with blue rings
Species: Fusion
AKA: The Creepy Fusion of Squidward, Mung Daal and Hypno
Likes: To wish his dark lord a Happy Birthday
Occupation: Officiant
UnRank: 100

You see how he got his nickname?

Hyness, otherwise known as, "The Creepy Fusion of Squidward, Mung Daal and Hypno" is the result of Squidward Tentacles, Mung Daal and Hypno using the Fusion-Machine 9000 for a fusion of all of them. This went horribly wrong and they ultimately "Made a little flaw," resulting in this thing, they were so horrified of him, so much that they had to hide his face with a hood.

Hyness becomes mentally insane if you take his hood off, he also leads a cult that rivals The Cult Of Greeny Phatom. He has a rowdy Wa-guy variant called WaHyness.

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