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Hungry Pumkin
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He's very hungry. Give him what he wants or else he will call Hannibal Lecter to kill you.

" Give me the french fries. "
  — Hungry Pumkin
" Dear god, what is that? It's one hell of a kids' game, for sure. Only in America would an educational game consist of figuring out the names of food and then eating them all. That guy doesn't even hesitate to chow down on a whole saltshaker. He talks with his mouth full too, how rude. "
  — Somebody on Hungry Pumkin

The Hungry Pumkin is a hungry Pumkin. He is known for travelling throughout the world and eating restaurants bankrupt. He waltz into an eating establishment, demands all that they have to offer, and leaves without paying for anything. He is so hungry, he even consumes the containers of some of the food items! However, he is very picky about the order of food items he eats, so if he is not given exactly what he wants at the moment, he will throw the item to the side while exclaiming his disgust. His father is Old Man Pumkin. He was involved in The Great Pumkin War. His UnRank is 404.

"No! I don't want that!"

The Hungry Pumkin never becomes thoroughly satisfied, and there is no known sort of food the Hungry Pumkin would not ever consume. The more he eats, the more he grows in size, although he can return to his normal size after a while. The Hungry Pumkin is also immune to most poisonous substances known to man, and has little reaction to any poisons that had any effect on him. It is also impossible to keep him imprisoned, as he will either eat all the prison food up which leads to more problems or he simply eats his way out of confinement. It can take him a while to escape the latter way, but there is no way he can be kept inside or away from food forever. Because of him, local food supplies are running out slowly.


Pumkin with 109 points.

Pumkin with 360 points.

There is a little shame that is a simulator based upon what usually happens when the Hungry Pumkin walks into a random eating establishment. The shame can be played here. It begins with the Hungry Pumkin just showing up on the horizon, then walking into the restaurant stating that he is very hungry. There are five phrases involving giving four different food items before going on to the next phrase. The highest possible score is clearly twenty points. Failing to give him the desired food of the moment will make him toss it aside into oblivion and exclaim "No! I don't want that!" At the end of the game the Hungry Pumkin states how well he was served before leaving, and does not pay at all. A minor thing to note that as the game goes on, the Hungry Pumkin becomes slightly larger the more food he eats.

There is a glitch that can be used by right clicking and toggling "Play" after giving him a food item. As a result, the player can make him consume beyond twenty food items, and as a result he can become much more massive in size. When the game progresses as it normally should, the Hungry Pumkin would still comment on how well he was served and still leaves without paying a cent.

Notable Shames include: