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Hungry Kim Jong-un
Hungry Kim Jong-un.jpg
The hungriest guy in the world
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Species: Human (part Baby Yoshi)
Home: China (Formerly), Big Super Happy Fun Fun Evil China Land
Death: PWNed by a surgeon
AKA: The Hungry One
Likes: Eating everything in existence
Dislikes: Kim Jong-il
Education: Being a dictator, eating
Occupation: Dictator, Ruler of Big Super Happy Fun Fun Evil China Land
Known For: eating
UnRank: Over 9000

Hungry Kim Jong-un is a really fat guy who is constantly hungry, and is determined to eat everything in existence. He hates UnAmerica and lots of other places, but wants to eat them, as he likes food, eating and also being in charge. He is the hungriest guy ever, in fact, he's as hungry as Baby Yoshi. Some believe they are actually related.

Hungry Kim Jong-un's daily routine

The only person he ever obeys is his father Kim Jong-il, who constantly tells him what to do, and also likes eating. However, after they wouldn't let him rule North Korea, he broke a piece of China off, and turned it into the floating city where he now lives, Big Super Happy Fun Fun Evil China Land. He is now in charge there with his army, away from his angry father.

He and his army have created many weapons as well as as random crud for Big Super Happy Fun Fun Evil China Land, including actual creatures to live in it.

Jong-un is addicted to cake, and constantly thinks everything is cake, even ceilings, beds, and water, but hates healthy food. He makes frequent visits to the Wacky Mighty Cheery Time Food Museum to eat all the food exhibits.


Horny Kim Jong-Un being ridiculous.

Many think he is a sponsor of UnAnything Wiki due to the "un" in his name. However, the "un" simply means that he is dumb and fat.