Humbah's Adventure


Humbah's Adventure is a shame starring Humbah, the leader of the Boohbah. You can play it on Y8.

The shame starts with Humbah declaring freedom from the Teletubbies. Po says no, and shoots Humbah. Humbah gets up, and walks away to plan revenge. Her and the other Boohbah decide to lead an attack, and they do. The player must hit the Kill Key several hundred times, and this puts a scratch on Po. Then, the Boohbah retreat. Humbah is soon caught, and thrown in a Teletubby containment cell. This ends the shame.

Humbah hated this game, and demanded it be taken off of the shelves, not knowing it was a computer game from Y8. The makers of the game smacked Humbah for that, and she left.

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