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Human Sentry Buster before he explodes
Human Sentry Buster

Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Yellow
Species: Human/Sentry Buster hybrid
Home: Coal Town, Team Fortress 2
Likes: Exploding in all heroes' faces, Destroying sentry guns
Occupation: Defense Hijacker

The Human Sentry Buster is the result when you fuse a Demoman and a normal sentry buster together. Unlike any other sentry buster, this one has a personality and can talk.

Human Sentry Buster is what wrecked the city of Detroit, Michigan, USA. Human Sentry Buster is the one who killed all of the other normal sentry busters.

After he explodes, he respawns, the only way to kill this guy is actually use your (other) weapons of destruction, but despite being human-like, he has the defense, strength and s*** of a normal sentry buster.

He eventually was forced to team up with all of the good guys and the rest of the bad guys in order to defeat the biggest threat under the name of This is Bob.

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