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" LET'S DO IT!!! "
  —Human Sentry Buster before he explodes

Human Sentry Buster
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Species: Human/Sentry Buster hybrid
Home: Coal Town, Team Fortress 2
Likes: Exploding in all heroes' faces, Destroying sentry guns
Dislikes: Engineer and his sentry
Occupation: Defense Hijacker

The Human Sentry Buster is the result when you fuse a Demoman and a normal sentry buster together. He is neither man or machine and holds an Ullapool Caber in his mouth, dying instantly upon "detonating." Unlike any other sentry buster, this one has a personality and can talk.

After he explodes, he respawns. No other major differences between him and a normal sentry buster exist.

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