Hulk Hogan
HULK 00001996 0003

Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: American
Age:  ???
Birthdate:  ???
Species: Human
Home: The ring
Death: Impossible
Likes: Real Americans, fellow brothers, Mr. T.
Dislikes: Gawker
Education: Bald eagles
Occupation: President of UnAmerica, wrestler.
Known For: Being a brother to all, tag-team partner of Mr. T
UnRank: Infinity

Hulk Hogan, not to be confused with Bulk Bogan, is a part-time wrestler and the current president of the United States of UnAmerica.


Hulk Hogan was concieved at the same time that Mr. T was, although shortly after his inception, he was given the important task by Chuck Norris and Mr. T to enter wrestling and beat everyone in a wrestling ring for the rest of his life.


The Hulkster has various powers at his disposal that make him one of the strongest beings to ever walk the UnUniverse, these include:

  • Being able to bodyslam people onto the ground
  • Legdropping onto people
  • Being able to tare his shirt multiple times
  • Being able to survive plane crashes without a scratch
  • Having magical red underwear that protects him from almost every source of damage, it's effectiveness against the Weegee stare is unknown though.


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