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Houndoom, once.
Member 10 - Houndoom

Houndoom is PokeBlack of the Vast Pokeforce and serves as one of the major "pyromaniacs" of the group alongside Camerupt/PokeOrange and is a major killer exactly like Gengar/PokeViolet and Ursaring/PokeBrown.

His designated roman numeral is X (10).

Like Camerupt/PokeOrange, he burns everything to death, though sometimes, Houndoom prefers to do it alone since he's satisfied when he's just doing it.

He's edgy, and has a DeviantArt account where he posts art of his OC shipped with more original OCs.

Houndoom in fact yells, making him more scary than all 4 of the Teletubbies combined.

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