Hotel Slenderman 2 is a Shame that is a sequel to Hotel Slenderman. It is even scarier than the first shame! It gave Wario a heart attack while playing it.


The shame begins with Slenderman waking up from the explosion from the first shame. He wakes up and gets a angry look on his face so he gets a phone and calls Herobrine. He tells Herobrine he needs his help to get to the Mushroom Kingdom. So they get more people and go to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi decide to visit the hospital and when they go inside the place is very dark and Nobody's there. They look around and find a note from bowser saying " Dear pesky plumbers, Slenderman and Herobrine have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom and i have joined them. You have 5 nights to collect all 9000 pages before the 5 nights are over or we will kill you. MAHAHAHAHAHA". So Mario and Luigi go throughout the hospital to collect the 9000 pages.

On Night 3, Mario and Luigi find the office and go inside. When they go inside they find a monitor and a toad. The toad says he is working for 5 nights to get a paycheck, so Mario kidnaps him and stuffs him into a suit. Then they leave.

On Night 5, there are 4 endings. In order of greatest to worst.

  • Final Ending: Mario and Luigi collect all 9000 pages and escape the place in time
  • Secret Ending: Mario and Luigi somehow teleport to King Harkinian's bathroom and eat spaghetti
  • Good Ending: Mario and Luigi kill everyone and stay at the hospital
  • Bad Ending: The place explodes and everybody dies

Then the shame ends with the credits.


There's a new mechanic in this game, called the Bowser Mask which protects the player from an enemy. It works differently on each enemy.


Eleking 1st boss Weeping Angel 2nd boss Enderman 3rd boss Bowser 4th boss Slender Man final boss Phantom Shadow secret boss


  • Joystick to move
  • A to punch
  • B to collect a page
  • A+B to put on the Bowser Mask
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