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Hotel Slender Man is a shame that was originally made for the Game Boi but was ported to the Wintendo Shamepiramid 53 years later. It is one of the scariest Game Boi Shames ever! It even gave Stephen King a heart attack while playing it.


A cutscene begins the game. It shows Mario and Luigi, who decide to go to Raccoon City's finest hotels between September 26th and October 1st, 1999. (Which is actually impossible since they were both fighting in the Videogame Wars at the time.) They arrive at the first hotel. As they are about to leave, a hoard of zombies busts through the front door. Then they fight the zombies. After that, they go to another hotel, and find a note from Bowser. It said, "Dear pesky plumbers, Slender Man has come to Raccoon City. Beware, if you look, it takes you. The only way to defeat him is by assembling the enclosed instruction book." So, during the rest of the game, they search all of the city's hotels, looking for lotsa instruction book pages. They encounter Slenderman several times throughout the game. In the end, they escape to safety before the town goes BOOM!


the game is a survival horror/platformer game. There are many attacks and weapons to chose from, most of them are guns, although, there is hand to hand combat as well. The best attack is the Ultra Mega Hyper-realistic Slendermen Take Down Blood-Lust 65-9001 which is preformed by mashing lotsa buttons. It makes all the slendermen on screen asplode into beyond hyper-realistic blood.