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Hotel Mario 3 is the worst Shame EVER. Press "A" on the start screen. Congratulations. You are now a N00b.



Mario must save Princess Bitch... AGAIN!


You start at the start screen and you must press "A".



You play as Mario and you must walk on a road with a gun. You see a Toad on the road and you talk to him. He says "Take this car or DIE" and he gets ran over by a car. You are now in a race with Bowser and you STEP ON HIM AND TURN INTO A JEW! Bowser turns into a Jew too. You have to go to a cliff and jump over it to get Jew gold. It tells you to :"Press "A" to jump over the cliff". You jump so high that you go to another place: LOLcat Land.

You have to go down a random staircase, but there are millions of not-so-good guys in the way. It teaches you how to use your gun, by making you shoot a Koopa. A nuclear explosion happens and suddenly, there are more explosions. You have to shoot everyone. With your gun you shoot everything like CRAZY and a cutscene plays, showing that you have went to the Basement. So you must play a basement version of level one of HaloBob GunPants 2: Resurrection. And man it SUCKS.

You have one more level to go: King Harkinian's castle. You have to walk on a very very very very very very very VERY long hallway with rotating spikes, gargantuan guards, deadly stuff, lava pits, deadly stuff, etc. You encounter a dungeon, which is Freddy Fazbear's Pizza apparently. The dungeon is very short and it has a miniboss at the end. You must shoot Freddy Fazbear a million times. Freddy will throw his fist at you like a boomerang, taking massive damage. Once you defeat him, a door appears and you have to go into it. You go into a hallway and you see a giant version of King Harkinian. You must watch out for his DINNER, his DINNER blaster, his DINNER bombs, and his DINNER for DINNER. You have to eat the DINNER to grow bigger to punch King Harkinian in the face. The game ends by crashing. What changes is that you're MOAR EPIC. You get to do whatever you want. You have infinite friends. You are a GOD.


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