Cquote1 Why does Mario need a reminder to check the light switch when the power is perpetually flashing off and on? Cquote2
Hotel Mario

box art

Hotel Mario Box NES

The unreleased NES version of the shame's box art.

Hotel Mario SNES

The unreleased SNES version of the shame's box art.

Hotel Mario is a shame starring Mario. It is about Mario's attempts of breaking into Hotel Mario to find Bowser, and beat him up. It was made for the CD-i, but is so stupid, the CD-i blows up whenever anyone tries to play the shame. The cutscenes were probably supposed to be based on TAOSAMB3 and SMW, but the creators just epicly FAILED and the cutcenes just ended up to be like a stupid 4 year old's show with supercheesy lines as if the shame was trying to teach kids important life lessons or whatever.


Bowser is hiding in Hotel Mario. Mario breaks in, and tries to find Bowser. He has to go through and play with doors, beat up Toasters, and even ask the doorman if he's going to eat that ("that" refers to Spaghetti).Then Mario just cruelly almost KILLS the koopalings by throwing them into walls, bashing their heads with hammers, stuff like that. He also made Iggy Koopa fall to his near-death (poor him,). Mario eventually shoots at Bowser, but misses, so the shame ends.


People hated this shame so much, they blew up every CD-i in the world, and then blew up every copy of this game. Then they spit on whatever was left. Then, they went in and beat up everyone who was responsible for it, and then they took naps. This shame made a total of -$751,627,535,174,164,361,624,614,976 (however, most of the expenses were to repair damages).


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