Hotel Key is a shame starring Mr. Key. (Thank god its not a Overkey shame.) Its a spin-off to the Overkey series. (Aw come on!)


Mr. Key sneaks into a hotel to become a helper. He must fix up the hotel that is literally just a pile of ash, and turn it into a 5½ star hotel! And then go on a rampage with a AK-47 and bomb the hotel, this will turn it back into ash, so then you must repeat the cycle.

After the 100th time, you will be glitched into the floor, you end up in Hotel Mario, but as Mr. Key. Then Chuck Norriseegee appears to tell him to stop playing in 10 seconds, if you do stop, your CD-i will get a virus and Asplode, if you continue playing, you then be fighting a hyper realistic This Is Bob who throws mini This is Bobs at you, you must take him down with a matryoshka doll, after winning, the game crashes and remains unplayable forever, but by losing your file erases.


  • This was Mr. Key's first shame.
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