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An oversized Hoot

A Hoot (Quadrius Tubae) is a wierd, insect like animals that scoot around using their wheel like legs. They have a head reminiscent of a Tuba, a base not unlike a pedestal, and release a trumpet esque cry. So far these creatures only inhabit The Hooteroid, a small asteroid that orbits The Clangers' Planet, when they pass by, they're beautiful song will play.


Hoots come in two breeds.

Metalias Tubae

A endangered, gray breed that has a French Horn esque head. They make up the core of The Hooteroid. They're rare, however, every last day on The Clangarian Calendar they come apart, and scatter whatever body in space they happen to land on. The Hooteroid will break apart too, causing it's pieces to fly around, but reform when they form into it's core again by midnight, the Hooteroid then becomes whole again.

Brassibi Tubae

The most common and iconic breed, you see it in the page image! This breed can make silk but usually falls on The Clangers' Planet where they are whipped by the Clangers mercilessly until they become they're own slaves, these ones have the powers to shoot gusts of Sonic speed wind. They coat The Hooteroid and sometimes they drift off to other bodies in space, like Kittehlandia, to like there, they are immune to starvation.

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