Furries at Anthrocon saying that humans are idiots without realizing they themselves are humans too. They are right.

is a term used by animals and Floogals to refer to humans. This word was first coined by Lolcats, and later adopted by Furries. Both the LOLcats and the Furries use the word for the same reason: to make humans appear idiotic, even though in reality, it's actually the exact opposite (both in the furry case and in the Lolcat case). It is unknown when the word was coined. Some suggest that the word dates back to the Pleistocene era.


The aforementioned "Some suggest that the word dates back to the Pleistocene era" is the only theory plausible along with the other theories of its origin. Famous historians like Voltaire suggested that the word originated back in Pleistocene era because this can be proven in Icelandic volcanoes. A research was done in 2011 to prove the origin of the word. They sent a drone in the opening of the volcano. The result was shocking, they found crystal formation inside that spelled the word "hoomans". Ancient Icelandic tribes are to blame for this. It was believed that the tribe worships animal gods so they make themselves seem idiotic to their "gods" for them to live.

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