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Homestar Runner is a dumb person who loves the Teletubbies. He has an underbite and no arms, due to stupid accidents.


Homestar is the star on a sports team run by Coach Z. He is extremely stupid, and has been rumored to have an IQ only one point higher than that of Patrick Star's. Despite his stupidity, he also somehow managed to get a girlfriend. Because of his stupidity, though, he thinks she's a broom. That explains a lot. Homestar has been arrested for indecent exposure on one occasion, caused by a guy named Strong Bad stealing his clothes so that he'd have a good Homestar disguise. This resulted in permanent mental scarring for the King of Town, but knowing him, he'd probably forget anyway. It's strange how Homestar's only been arrested once, seeing as he never even wears pants. (Or does he?) He also loves his buzzer. If you spin it, it plays the theme song to Night Court.

Homestar wearing his Duckie Shirt!


Homestar insists that he wears pants. However, at first glance, it appears that he has no pants. Mind-scarring as it is, this appears to be true. On the other hand, he could simply be wearing skin-coloured pants. There was one instance where he was wearing pants for sure...but they were just incredibly disturbing (and shiny) short-shorts.


  • He has trouble with his R's.
  • He once punched a kitten in the throat. The kitten survived.
  • Despite being a black belt, he is known to be easily beat by wagons.
  • People, especially N00bs, seem to love him for no reason whatsoever. We definitely don't love him because he is an idiot. We like Strong Bad better.