Homestar-Tubbies is what happens when Homestar Runner invented a wand that would fuse the Teletubbies (or clone them) into Homestar-Tubbies. The fusion is mildly powerful, way better than the stupid PoDipLaWinky but not as good as Teletubbies Unbound which is even more powerful.

Homestar-Tubbies have an American accent and love playing baseball for some reason. Homestar Po usually uses her Sandman to stun her enemies while Homestar Dipsy throws Homestar Mad Milk at them to gain extra health while killing a guy.

Homestar-Tubbies aren't that strong, but they are very fast and can confuse enemies very easily. They are similiar to the Scout and all own Scatterguns while Homestar Tinky Winky owns a Shortstop. This helpful cloning helps the regular Teletubbies do their killing while Homestar-Tubbies can confuse them with their super speed. They are allso known for drinking lots of Bonk.

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