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A rare, unlegal photo of the outside of the Home Dome found in the Dark Web, the blue sky and grass plains kinda ruin it. The ring is also used to shoot down missiles.

The Tubbies in Home Dome with their slaves. Of course, this is just the inside, because they don't allow pictures to be taken of the outside.

Home Dome is the new home of the Teletubbies ever since Tubby Tower was destroyed in the Great Teletubby Land Massacre of 2015. It was built by the Weldos and is somewhat inspired by The Good Teletubbies' Tubbytronic Superdome.

It has a clinic and eleven rooms, which is four times the amount of total rooms Tubby Tower had if the clinic was to be counted as a room, otherwise it'd be three and two thirds, which the tower had three. Also, there are three Weldos, and three sides and three points on a triangle, which essentially makes Home Dome an Illuminati-confirmed building.

It looks a lot scarier on the outside. The happy and cute-looking inside is ironic, but it's actually like that because the Weldos are stupid. Also, it doesn't scare the Tiddlytubbies.


  • Hanging Out Room
  • Practice Room
  • Weapons Room
  • Tiddlytubbies' Nursery - This room is actually located on the hidden second level, far from all the weapons, Weekend Pickles, and other dangerous stuff. The Weldos didn't know the Tiddlytubbies were evil. Stupid Weldos!
  • A bathroom - Even Teletubbies need to take care of business, you fool.
  • Wa-Machine Room - contains, well, the Wa-Machine; the Weldos stole the machine from Wario because Po told them to do it or else
  • ELMO'S WORLD! - contains a record player that plays The Elmo Song on repeat; is a trap secretly put there by Elmo in disguise as a fourth Weldo. The Teletubbies are immune to The Elmo Song, so they use this room as a torture room.
  • Pool Room and Spa - Also on the second floor, this recently installed room is home to a 30 feet long and 20 feet wide swimming pool with diving boards and a deep end. It also has a hot tub, kiddy pool, acid bathtub (battery acid included for Alt 2.0) and fresh cucumber slices.
  • Storage Room
  • Empty Room because the Weldos are stupid; one time the Medic stayed here.
  • Power Shed - On the even more elusive third floor, the power shed is home to the Home Dome's powerful circuit breaker, power supplied by the Teletubby Land Pro-Smog Power Plant.
  • Home Dome Clinic


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