The Tubbies in Home Dome with their slaves. Of course, this is just the inside, because they don't allow pictures to be taken of the outside.

Home Dome is the new home of the Teletubbies ever since Tubby Tower was destroyed in the Great Teletubby Land Massacre of 2015. It was built by the Weldos and is somewhat inspired by The Good Teletubbies' Tubby Dome.

It has ten rooms, which is three and one third times the amount of rooms Tubby Tower had, which was three. Also, there are three Weldos, and three sides and three points on a triangle, which essentially makes Tubby Tower an Illuminati-confirmed building.

It looks a lot scarier on the outside. The happy and cute-looking inside is ironic, but it's actually like that because the Weldos are stupid. Also, it doesn't scare the Tiddlytubbies.


  • Hanging Out Room
  • Practice Room
  • Weapons Room
  • Tiddlytubbies' Nursery-This room is actually located on the hidden second level, far from all the weapons, Weekend Pickles, and other dangerous stuff. The Weldos didn't know the Tiddlytubbies were evil. Stupid Weldos!
  • A bathroom. Even Teletubbies need to take care of business, you fool.
  • Wa-Machine Room (contains, well, the Wa-Machine; the Weldos stole the machine from Wario because Po told them to do it or else)
  • ELMO'S WORLD! (contains a record player that plays The Elmo Song on repeat; is a trap secretly put there by Elmo in disguise as a fourth Weldo. The Teletubbies are immune to The Elmo Song, so they use this room as a torture room.)
  • Hammer Zone (contains a record player that plays Hammer Zone on repeat; put there by the Weldos for no reason. The Teletubbies are immune to Hammer Zone, so they use this room as a torture room.)
  • Storage Room
  • Empty Room (because the Weldos are stupid)
  • Hedwig's Old Office-This room was in a bungalow built by the Teletubbyland construction workers that Hedwig lived in even though its part of home dome and the secret 11th floor (Contains Hedwigs glassware which some of it is dangerous, a coffee cup filled with tubby custard, a tubby custard machine, a tubby toaster, two coffee brewers, a bed, a kitchen, air conditioning, a table for tubby toast)


Screenshot 20190806-212941

That Tubby Custard Ride

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