The famous Hollyshame sign.

Hollyshame is a district in the United States of UnAmerica that is specifically set aside for shame creation and manufacturing. It is one of the strongest economic points in the world.

Hollyshame was created by a bunch of jerks three seconds after Hollywood was created. It was intended to be Hollywood's backup city, but it turns out, Hollyshame is way more successful.

Hollyshame is the home of Nintendo, SEGA, Sony, Namco, and all of the other shame making people that aren't worth listing. IT is also the home of Bowser's Shames, and We Kill You. Combining all of this, and the poorness of the "bad side" of town, this is one of the most dangerous places there are.

Hollyshame currently has more money than everywhere else in the world, but only the rich people have it, and they SHOOT YOU!

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