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Hitler's clone looking at nazi guy

Hitler's clone (also called Bruno Ganz sometimes for no reason) is a cloned version Adolf Hitler who lives in a Nazi bunker. He also likes Billy Mays.

He was created in 1942 to replace Hitler in Nazi Government. After real Hitler's death, he became Der Führer, but a few years later, Chuck Norris forced him to retreat to a bunker. After World War II, he tried to kill himself to avoid the embarrassment from losing the war, but the pills he takes actually turns him into a super-cool Mecha Hitler.

Unfortunately for Hitler's Clone, he was there with an awful guy named Fegelein who causes much trouble for him. Hitler always tries to kill him, but Fegelein escapes every time.

Currently Hitler's clone is physically 65 years old and he was attacked by Fegelein 54,621 times.

Some worry that he might someday leave, and start another war. Others call the first people cry babies. This meeting resulted in a fight, and during this fight, Hitler's clone escaped, but then blew up for no apparent reason. He then rebuilt himself, and went back to hide for a few more years.

He has left his bunker several times since that incident. He leaved bunker during Robotnik Wars to liberate Europe from RobotnikClause's dictatorship. This was almost an epic win for Hitler's clone but unfortunately King Harkinian stole his fame in the last moment. Since this Hitler's clone always plans a revenge plan which is always rejected by one of his officer.

He also left bunker one time to falcon punch Barack Obama. He missed and had to escape. During The War of 2012, he successfully did it and escaped back to his bunker.

19 years later, strangely-colored water began dripping from the bunker, and Hitler's clone began to investigate it. Unfortunately, what he did not know was that the water was contaminated with the T-Virus. Hitler's clone was infected, and he turned into a zombie. He broke out of his bunker and spread his infection to all his minions, gaining a zombie army. Hitler's clone used this nazi zombie army to do what nobody had done before: successfully defeat Chuck Norris. In the wake of the battle, Hitler's clone's army was utterly wiped out by Chuck Norris, and Hitler's clone himself was the last to fall. He self-destructed, finally defeating Chuck Norris in the process(?).


  • Real Hitler and Clone had one conversation in which Hitler called Hitler Bruno Ganz.
  • Hitler's clone has a cloning machine to recreate his minions killed by Fegelein.
  • He wanted to drop a huge toilet on Fegelein's house.
  • Billy Mays told him it was NOT possible, since Fegelein has been living in the bunker so long, he no longer has a house.
  • Clone Hitler was a member of the Space Biker Gang "The Zonkaloids" led by Freddy Freaker
Fuhrer of Germany
Adolf Hitler
1942-1945 Gary the Snail