Cquote1 When I see that miscreant Kobayashi has the audacity to create a "character" like this, and SHE ACTUALLY BECOMES POPULAR, I honestly worry about the generation of kids who watch Saki. And I cringe. Not only is her personality absolutely horrible, but she's also incredibly stupid and mindless, and not only that, extremely offensive. If this lowlife actually treated cat girls like this, she should be put in jail. I cannot possibly fathom anyone liking such garbage. It makes me sad to think this crap can become popular, when characters who are actually meaningful, have likeable personalities, and have well thought-out backstories are put in the backburner. For anyone who supports this character, please think about how you will feel in ten years. Or twenty. Will you even ADMIT that you let your kids watch scenes featuring this character? Or, if you take advice from this wh**e who is in this show, you may get backstabbed sooner than that, and force your three your old to watch this on those mini-TV things in the car while you go on your driving test. Good lord. It boggles my mind that people actually like this woman. PLEASE - can someone explain WHAT exactly is appealing about this character?! Cquote2
Captain Ahab on Hisa Takei.

Hisa Takei was the former president of an unknown school before she left to join the SheeBookie. She is incredibly smart and cunning, and popular in the TV show Saki which basically spies on the lives of all our favorite characters from the show with secret video cameras. Captain Ahab greatly dislikes her.

Singing Career

Known by her stage name Bongripper, she has produced a few popular thrash metal hit singles in the past:

Peace Won't Save You from this Gun (Die Hippy Die) (2009)

And Im Stomping...Your Little (2012)

Burgersmackin Mah Boi (2014)

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