The Hillary States of UnAmerica is a place founded by Hillary Clinton after she lost to Donald Trump in the (rigged as her sources claim) 2016 Election. Despite her claims that it is the "true" United States of UnAmerica, most people don't believe her and laugh mainly because it isn't even in America, rather in Africa. It is located west of Loompaland and south of the (Semi) Powerful Ducky Empire.



During the 2016 election for the next president of the United States of UnAmerica, Hillary (and most of UnAmerica) was told that she was leading in the polls and would be their next president. But then at the final count, Donald Trump managed to win. Hillary's supporters, and RobotnikClause, demanded a recount. So some guys recounted the results...and somehow Trump won by even more votes. When those same supporters said the election was rigged, Vladimir Putin asked everyone if there was a problem. Nobody answered. So Hillary and her supporters (about half of UnAmerica but slightly fewer than the number of Trump Supporters) left the country and traveled to Africa to make their own UnAmerica. Unsurprisingly, when Hillary ran for president of this country, she won...but just barely (Her opponent was a Goomba afterall).

The Old War

As soon as Hillary was elected president of her own country, she was about to declare war on the (Semi) Powerful Ducky Empire...only to find Ducky and Donald Trump had decided to end The Old War after a few friendly games of Call of Ducky 4: Modern Warfare. Hillary was angry and refused to talk to Anybody about it.


The Hillary States of UnAmerica has a military...which shouldn't be a surprise since she wanted to declare war on Ducky and his (Semi) Powerful Empire. They use UnAmerican M16s and Tanks and Planes and Bombs and the looooooooove to blow stuff up (Kinda like the actual United States). Vladimir Putin and Ducky both think they're a joke compared to their militaries. Squadala Man loves them, however, since he also hates Ducky.

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