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Why is he chuckling so evily?

High-five Ghost is this invisible floating bag that nobody cares about. He is the good companion of Muscle Man. People rumor that he is Muscle Man's soul since he pisses everyone off so badly.

Early Life

High fives was born in Pac-Land with his father, Blinky all the other enemies and they were threatened by Pac-Man. High fives was the weakest ghost and Pac-Man was able to eat him. One day Rigby mucked up again while playing Pac-Man and he, along with Mordecai were sucked into Pac-Man's lair. They rescued the unfortunate High-five Ghost and gave it care. Around this time, Muscle man was an evil bloke that acted somewhat like Po. When he saw him, he cried MY SOUL!! And he was very confused but became friends. People actually think he is his soul but it's only a metaphor. He started working for Benson with Muscle-Man and then retired when he was 38 years old.


High-fives now lives with Colonel Sanders in his slaugtherhouse. He has discovered the Da Vinci time machine and will one day time travel back to Benson's house.

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