Higglytown Heroes is yet another of those Didney Jewnyur TV shows. It was also created by Freddy Fazbear, but before he created Little Einsteins. Due to this, people have predicted


that Higglytown Heroes will get a Theme Song Remix and it will be destined to be the new Little Einsteins.


The plot of the show is simple: This army of Matryoshka (Russian nesting) dolls summons other matryoshka dolls (adults with jobs who make, like $5 a week) referred to as "heroes" to stop "bad" guys. Actually, the "bad" guys are just good guys, but the Higglytown Heroes are evil. So good guys to them are bad guys.

Before 2012, the show was about matryoshka dolls who were all good. And nice. AND LAME.


One day, in the ancient time period before 2004, Freddy Fazbear went to Soviet Russia to open up some restaurants for his pizza chain there. But, he got sidetracked, and went and bought stole some Matryoshka dolls from every store in the town. He brought the dolls to life, intending for them to be good. He made a show about them in 2004, put it on Playhouse Didney, and kids loved it.

Then, in 2012, Alt 2.0 went and found the remains of the Higglytown Heroes, whom Freddy had thrown away. Realizing they were from that TV show about the matryoshka dolls, she took them and turned them into an evil army after having them live in a concentration camp for weeks. This new and EVIL season of their show got put on Didney Jewnyur, and it's probably the version you are familiar with.

Notable Members


  • Their rival is Matryoshka Miku, because of her creepy song that infested the minds of everybody in Higglytown but them.
  • Alt 2.0 and the other members of Madison's army are the only people who actually LIKE these guys.
    • Alt 2.0 is a Teletubby, which automatically makes her evil.
  • NEDMgee watches this show when he's drunk on Fabuloso.
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