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Hershy's is that one company who sells LOTS OF CHOCOLATE! They have Chocolate Milk syrup, they have chocolate bars, they have chocolate everything. They one time made a shame about chocolate called Chocolate Maniac: The Shame.


King Isopod made the company in 1894 for no reason whatsoever, but 100 years later in 1978 or something, Ronald McDonald invented chocolate. King Isopod wanted to also make chocolate, and so he built OVER 9000 factories in the Isopod Dimension to start pumping out chocolate like crazy.

Unsurprisingly, the people of the Isopod Dimension HATED chocolate and in a lot of debt he looked for some buyers, Bill gates was too cheep offering $5 for the whole company, however Yoshi offered $5.25. Yoshi got the company. The first thing he did was change the formula for chocolate a little bit to include 10% more Death Juice than normal, but it didn't make a difference with how much Death Juice was still in it. Then he got hold of the Enclosed Instruction Book and learned some weird techniques, which he put into the chocolate.


Kisses Army

Watch out for these guys; they like attacking people.

Using the knowledge from the Enclosed Instruction Book, the CEO Yoshi was able to make chocolates sentient in the year 2000. Unsurprisingly, they've become very viscous like most living food. He's never acknowledged any of the allegations against his chocolates assaulting people, because Yoshi wants them to hurt more people, of course. They taste alright, being made from the exact same stuff as all the other chocolate products.

Chocolate Bars

Hershey Chocolate-bar

Thankfully, the chocolate bars are NOT sentient and are just normal chocolate. There's this weird trick Yoshi doesn't want you to know about where you can make infinite chocolate.[1] He uses this a lot and then melts the extra pieces into new chocolate bars to sell. This is the foundation of all their chocolate, the factories just automate this process. The same Hershey's bar has been used for duplication and all the chocolate slowly over time is deteriorating. Thankfully the secret formula is still safe, it's right... Oh, I think King Frost might've taken it.

Chocolate Syrup

Just cocoa mixed with Death Juice and Milk, but this time in liquid form.

Video Proof the kisses are EVIL!

Hershey's Kisses Dangerous Commercial

Hershey's Kisses Dangerous Commercial

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