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The only known picture of Herobrine.

Herobrine is a freaky chicken who hunts and kills players in Minecraft. He is an undefeatable glitch who's been hunting Minecraft since 2008 or 2009.... I don't really know. Notch tried to remove him once. But it doesn't work. He keeps getting back in Minecraft. Herobrine can't be killed. He keeps teleporting. Some people say that Herobrine was a miner who was killed when he was mining. Some say that he was the brother of the so-called Notch.

After the events of The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, Herobrine took a spot in the Lower Counsel of Undefeatables to replace the recently defeated Godzilla. He

How to know if Herobrine is in your world

If you see trees with no leaves on it, Herobrine is in your world. He uses them as clothing.. Also, if you see small pyramids made out of sand on the ocean it means he is in your world. If they have redstone torches, he is DEFINITELY in your world. Tunnels are another common indicator. If you also see a sign randomly generated sign that says "I slept with your mum". It means he's in your world.


He looks like Steve except he has sp00py white eyes.


He kills people because no one ever likes him. He just wants to be friends with others. But instead, they just end up running.

Early life

He was created by Einstein in some kind of dimension (Now Minecraft) to make that dimension a happy place. (P.S. He is not a robot. He was created a human using sciencey stuff). But something went wrong, it was his eyes. He don't have any pupils. Einstein quickly put him in the bin and closed it. As years went by, Herobrine became older and older until he became a full-grown man. It was time for him to come out of the egg bin. Everytime he wants to be friends with others, they just run away. That made Herobrine so sad. 

Herobrine planned to kill all the people because no one liked him.

Teenage years

He decided to create an army of hostile mobs filled with creepers, skeletons and even WaCreepers! He even blew up Notch with a WaCreeper, proving that Notch is defeatable.



He can teleport like an Enderman. Everytime you hit him. He will turn into a frog teleport behind you and will eventually kill you. Except if you are a logo. Then he will not kill you.


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Herobrine in creative mode!


He can shapeshift into anything in Minecraft universe.


  • He doesn't have any eyes.
  • He doesn't have a friend.
  • His mother hates him.
  • I hate him.
  • He hates us.