Hermann Fegelein

Fegelein looking on as Hitler gets blown up by an Antic Bomb in his toilet.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Species: Human
Home: The Bunker, Gamelon,
Likes: Pulling Pranks, annoying Hitler, Himmler, Duke Onkled
Dislikes: Hitler, Hitler's Clone, Tukhachevsky
Education: Master's Degree in Antics
Occupation: Troll
Known For: Annoying Hitler, assassinating various people.
UnRank: 346537

Cquote1 Wie bitte? Cquote2
Fegelein, seconds before pulling yet another prank on Hitler's Clone

Hans Otto Georg Hermann Fegelein is the leader of the elusive Antic Order and is most known for playing pranks on Hitler's Clone and assassinating various people across the UnUniverse

He was born in 1906 to Somebody in Germany and was like Hitler's Clone forced into a bunker by Chuck Norris, Fegelein became bored with his life in the bunker and saw that Hitler's Clone was insane and easily trollable, so he started pulling pranks on him. This grew on him quickly as he devised elaborate schemes to epically troll Hitler and his staff. He offered Hitler's stupid generals to help him troll Hitler's Clone further but didn't get any help except from Himmler and Joseph Stalin. The help from Stalin ended quickly as he became Tukhachevsky's main rival.

Once WWII ended, Fegelein moved to Gamelon to start offering assassination services and antics against various targets in the UnUniverse, notable contractors have included the likes of Duke Onkled, Vladimir Putin and the Teletubbies. Despite getting contracted by various evils, he is not evil himself. He only does what he is contracted to do.

Fegelein famously once challenged Willy Wonka in a duel and took the Sword of Epic from him while Willy Wonka tried to kill a competitor with Death Juice. Now wielding the sword, he locked Willy Wonka up in his factory until he was eventually freed by Chin-Chin.

Fegelein has also attempted a venture into business, creating his own Shaming System called the 'Fegelstation' that was later stolen by Sony and called the 'Play Station', with Fegelein financing both sides of the Sony Civil War and later blowing up their headquarters as an act of revenge, which caused him to be hunted down by Sony and hasn't been caught to this day.

Fegelein used his Antics to his advantage in the 2nd Ducky War, aiding Hyrule. Fegelein was forced into prison after Ducky took away most of his weapons but escaped after contacting Robocop.

Fegelein mysteriously disappeared around the 'Potato Era', most people think he was killed by Chuck Norriseegee, Googolplex or was sent to hell to troll Hitler's Clone until the eventual Heat Death of the UnUniverse by Chuck Norris himself, although all these stories have yet to be proven.


  • Fegelein one day successfully created Jodl in an attempt to annoy Hitler even further
  • Fegelein once rigged the dance competition against I.M. Meen.
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