what he looks like

Hergee is one of the dreaded Fakegees. He was hunting for Squeegee, as Squeegee destroyed his Fakegee empire, but he got caught up in business antics.

His powers consist of laser eyes and make thunder shooting out of his hands. He is also the most civilized of the Fakegees, and he could use a gun anytime anywhere.

He is also Brulk Rogan's gay lover.


Hergee was created, but nobody knows how. His civility and powers made him very popular, and he eventually became so popular he made a Fakegee empire. Later, during The Fakegee War, Squeegee blew Hergee's empire up, and Hergee swore revenge.

New Heregee

One day, Hergee was confronted by a guy called Heregee. Hergee was angry with Heregee, because his clothes and name were almost identical to those of Heregee, and people constantly compared him to Heregee. Heregee challenged Hergee to a battle, and being civilized, Hergee accepted. During the battle, Heregee shot Hergee with a Spartan Laser. Heregee thought he had killed Hergee, but he did not know Fakegees can respawn. Hergee came back as a godlike version of himself, and almost killed Heregee, but Heregee managed to survive. Hergee was impressed, as nobody before had ever fought him and survived. Hergee named him New Heregee, and recognizes him as his equal. As of this day Hergee hates Weegee for reasons we can't explain, because if we did he would kill us.
He's getting tired of it

he's getting real tired of weegee's crap.

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