Hela Odinsdottir

Hela, about to resurrect the dead

Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Age: 3,000+
Birthdate: About 1000 BC
Species: Asgardian
Home: Valinor
Alive or Dead?: Alive
Death: Spring 2018
AKA: Lady Galadriel
Goddess of Death
Goddess of Swords
Goddess of Helmets
Likes: Killing
Dislikes: Thor
Education: Asgardian Royal Education
Occupation: Searching for the Silmarils
Known For: Killing

Ruling Asgard (Briefly)

Powers: Summoning helmets (like Loki)
Summoning swords (like Lord Shen)
Creating zombie warriors

Cquote1 It's come to my attention that you don't know who I am. I am Hela. Odin's firstborn. Commander of the legions of Asgard. The rightful heiress to the throne and the Goddess of Death. My father is dead. As are the princes. You're welcome. We were once the seat of absolute power in the cosmos. Our supremacy was unchallenged. Yet Odin stopped at nine realms. Our destiny is to rule over all others. And I am here to restore that power. Kneel before me and rise into the ranks of my great conquest! Cquote2

Hela Odinsdottir is the is the older sister of Thor and Loki. Though not allied with Thanos, she shared a similar ideology with him and used his affections as a useful tool for her agenda. Her actions ultimately resulted in her own death and the destruction of Asgard.

She was recently resurrected by Thor, albeit without her memories of her imprisonment. Taking advantage of the situation, Thor told her that she lost her memories in a fight with Melkor and that they had been sent to Middle Earth to obtain the Silmarils for Odin.


Hela is a mentally unstable sociopath with strong elements of narcissism. Hela has a twisted code of honor, hating those who retreat from battle even in the face of hopeless odds.


  • Cate Blanchett (Manga)


She is an Asgardian who hit the age of being over three millennia. She was the firstborn of Odin and commander of legions of Asgard.

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