Jesus Christ hanging out on a random swingset in Heaven

Heaven is the best land ever. In Heaven, God treats those who were loyal to him to eternal paradise. Heaven is the opposite of Hell, where God gives those who are evil to Satan for eternal torture. Among other things, Heaven is most famous for having infinite WiFi and all the pie Anybody could ever want. There is also a notable lack of Waluigi, which makes Everybody happy. There is a special area in Heaven called Celebrity Heaven. This is where dead people who are better than you reside.

Heaven is the residing place of many dead guys. Heaven mostly consists of the dead guys that were actually somewhat respectable during their lifetimes. For this reason, Heaven is never full. The only bad thing about Heaven is the fact that it is made of clouds. This makes it easy to fall to your doom (into Hell) even though you are already dead. This obviously does not make sense, but who needs logic?

Heaven national theme song

Heaven national theme song

A Local bear told us that you can get to Heaven by just jumping into your television. But that's ridiculous, who'd believe a theory like that?

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