Heart Explosion

Heart Explosion is the 10th episode in the Teletubbies first series, making it the 10th episode overall if my math is correct. It was first broadcasted after the last one and before the next one. It is also very violent and gruesome, but that's nothing new.


The episode starts with all of the Teletubbies eating at McDonald's (because that's where the lowest of society go to eat). While all of the other Teletubbies are eating normal burgers to increase their odds of survival, Tinky Winky opted for the Big Mac. Despite Jebus Khrist's warnings against it, Tinky Winky swallowed the whole thing without chewing.

Later that day, Tinky Winky gets heartburn so bad he literally bursts into flames. After they put the fire out, Thumper decides there is only one option: surgery. Besides Tinky Winky, the Teletubbies are rather smart. They know very well heart surgery will accomplish nothing. But they also know it will hurt Tinky Winky, and that's good enough for them. They slice him open and start playing with his heart. Meanwhile, Noo-Noo is chilling with his lady-vacuum friends.

Then Laa-Laa accidentally presses the self destruct button that Dipsy had put on Tinky Winky's heart. The heart explodes, killing Tinky Winky and severely injuring Thumper. Then Noo-Noo had to clean up the mess.


This was a very popular episode as it was violent. It was also popular due to the explosion, because Everybody loves explosions. Angry Video Game Nerd hated it, Nostalgia Critic thought it was okay, and Peter Ugg gave it three thumbs up.


  • As Tinky Winky's heart is made of stone, the shrapnel was much more dangerous than that of an ordinary heart.
  • This is the 10th episode in the show to feature Po. It is also the 10th episode in a row to not feature Michael Jackson.
  • Thumper is stupid.
  • haha im a mouse
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