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The Flag for Hawaii. If King Isopod had his way, it wouldn't exist.

Hawaii (more commonly refereed to as Alola) is a UnAmerican state in the Pacific Ocean. It's also the last state to join UnAmerica (Number 50 to be exact). Old Hawaii was the Hawaii before Eevee took over Hawaii, and which she made Old Hawaii into New Hawaii (otherwise known as Alola).


It's in a specific ocean, the Pacific Ocean. If you didn't know that, You are an Idiot.


Hawaii all started in the year 90,000 BCE when a few underwater volcanoes started throwing up after eating 50 and a half tons of Spicy Bubble Gum. Those Volcanoes soon turned into islands or whatever. Thousands of Years later, some weirdo natives came to those islands and formed a culture there or whatever. Myths started appearing and then they created a Hut to sleep in. In the year 1000, people started to sing this weird song about Potatoes or something. Also, they Temporarily supported the Fish Union in The Fish War. When UnAmerica was established, many People on Hawaii died because UnAmericians are a bunch of bastards. But then Hawaii became a state afterwards. Hawaii became pretty stable after that. Hawaii is now a place where Volcanoes hurl, but it's also nice and tropical there. In 2010, Lip visited the place, and was adored by many people there, so many, that they all decided to hang Eevee and trap her soul because of it. Lip was the ruler there for 6 years, until she gave up for her Series to work on it. Now Nobody rules Alola. However, a while later King Isopod attempted to destroy Hawaii/Alola from existence, in the Great Isopod War. Although Hawaii got all the help they could get, even Eevee, who was resurrected temporally, King Isopod almost succeeded, but Penn Jilette intervened, who hated Doritos.


As of 2016, numerous perfectly-straight cuts have been found in the ground in the Lush Jungle (Which is where Mallow resides), with charring around the edges. For some reason, Vesta breaks down whenever we approach him about it. Something about "that goddamn Solar Blade" seems to set him off. Let's not neglect to mention the cracks in the sky that spew out overly-attractive bugs and Christmas lights, either.


A Map of Old Hawaii.

  • Niihau (Now Known as Exeggutor Island)
  • Kauai (Now Known as Poni Island)
  • Oahu (Now Known as Melemele Island)
  • Molkoai (Now Known as Akala Island
  • Maui (Now Known as Akala Island)
  • Lanai (Now Known as Akala Island)
  • Kahoolawe (Now Known as Akala Island)
  • Hawai'i (Aka The Big Island, Now known as Ula'Ula Island.)

Notable Guys From Hawaii

A Map of New Hawaii.


  • Eevee invaded by putting Bombs on everyone's head.
  • Then King Isopod attempted to destroy Hawaii, but failed miserably. He did destroy much of the region, though.
  • Hawaii ranks dead last on the Pizza Quality Index. In some circles, it is hated as much as the Moon for this reason.