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Hatsune Miku is a girl who is dead. That's all you need to know, unlike that of two other guys.

That's Hatsune Miku before she died.

Ya REALLY wanna hear about her?

Like all dead guys, Hatsune Miku was once alive. She was just an ordinary girl with weird blue hair who liked to sing, but then, after eating American sushi, her voice box shriveled up and she began to sound like Jacob Sartorius mixed with a fat guy with a speech impediment, and a smoker's rasp on top of that. She also played the guitar.

Both fortunately and unfortunately, a Japanese guy named Scientist-san found her on the street. Somehow, he had samples of her singing, and shoved the samples into a little microchip he called "Vocaloid". He then shoved the chip into Hatsune Miku's throat and she began to sing again, but in the most auto-tuned and annoying-sounding version of her old voice (which wasn't even that good to begin with). He later turned other innocent people into Vocaloid guys with the same technology he used to ruin save Hatsune Miku.

She was okay up until 2010, when she and Gumi, another victim of the Vocaloid medical treatment, became Matryoshka Gumi and Matryoshka Miku after a night gone horribly wrong. Miku then turned insane and started killing people for no reason. She also created a terrible song called Matryoshka, which triggered Alt 2.0, who had came out with a song called MARUDE MATRYOSHKA right around the same time Miku's song came out. Who ripped off who, though? We think Miku ripped off Alt 2.0, considering the fact that she was drunk caused her to become even more unoriginal than usual.

Many thought Miku was dead after shooting herself in the head, but a week later, it turned out to be just a coma. Miku continued drinking, killing, and churning out what she calls "music" on an almost DAILY basis. Alt 2.0 got even madder and madder at her, as well. Even Alt 1.0, Rebecca Black, and Taylor Swift began to get mad at Miku, as she had made ripoffs of THEIR songs as well. Then, somehow...Hatsune Miku died. Everyone cheered.

Her body is currently buried under a ramen shop in Japan. That's it. She didn't deserve a coffin or anything. She didn't even have a funeral. Actually, she did, but only Scientist-san and the other alive Vocaloid guys came to it.

Then sometime during her infinite punishment in hell, Blondie came and killed her even after she died sending her 1 layer down. He plans do this again some time down the road until she's in pure hell and punishment.

She was succeeded by the much more beloved Mikoid... who is also a Noid.


  • "Miku" is her FIRST name. This is because she's Japanese.
  • We think Scientist-san doesn't even know she is dead.
  • She was in a love triangle friend circle with Count Cannoli and The Noise.
  • We also think (read: KNOW) Evil Evil Evil Guy was the one that killed her, despite that Alt 2.0 seemed to be the most likely culprit according to the media.
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