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Hat Kid before Killing Someone.
Hat Kid
Hat Kid Transparent

Whatever you do, DO NOT STEAL HER HAT.

Eye color: Blue
Species: Human, But Not
Home: Some Goofy ol' Ship
Likes: Hourglasses (Time Pieces), Her Hat
Dislikes: People stealing her Hat
Education: 42 Years of Learning how to Steal and how to use a Spaceship
Occupation: Hunting for Time Pieces
Known For: Sealing Everyone's Time Piece
UnRank: 10,001

Hat Kid is a weirdo. Yes, SHE IS! She just goes on about her life and steals EVERYONE'S Hourglasses! Isn't that mean? >:(

That's why she get's the rank of Jerk God.


Nothing is known about Hat Kid, except she made a Spaceship pop out of nowhere and that she steals Hourglasses (She calls them Time Pieces Apparently). HOWEVER, we do know that Hat Kid is stuffing them in her ship for presumably fuel. Maybe that's why she stole OVER 19134230948239048239048320958290523 Hourglasses.

We do know one thing. Whatever you do, DO NOT TOUCH, STEAL, BREATH OR EVEN LOOK AT HER HAT. This will cause her to get triggered, and make you get waked to death by her umbrella. In fact, this One Girl with a Mustache got Mauled, Waked, Fucked, and Boiled to death by Hat Kid by stealing her hat and one of her Hourglasses.

Hourglasses She Stolen So Far

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