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" You know my motto. You break it- "
  —Handy Manny's slogan
" Sir, this is the sixty-fourth time you've pulled up to the Brownsville border crossing in the same truck. "
  —Random border patrol guy
" ILLEGAL!! (Starts speaking spanish) "
  —Handy Manny, before getting deported
Handuel Manuel
Handy Manny.jpg
You break it, we f*ck it!
Gender: Male
Sexuality: No
Hair color: Brown
Age: 37
Species: Human
Home: Somewhere in Taco Town
Death: LOTS
Likes: Mr. Krabs
Dislikes: Bob the Builder
Alignment: Neutral Evil
UnRank: -673,467,244,903

Handy Manny is a ripoff of Bob the Builder, and is a illegal immigrant from his home in Taco Town where tacos reign supreme. He didn't like the crazy amount of tacos he was eating, and he HATED taking OVER 9000 shits in the toilet (and several more out) every day. He sadly was captured by the UnUS government with help from Bob the Builder, and taken to a detention center, but he escaped 1 day later. The UnUS government has yet to catch him again.


Handy Manny was once a famed builder, but after seeing that Bob the Builder was WAY better than him, he started getting revenge, by killing his vehicles, shooting people for no reason (unusual, isn't it?), summoning earthquakes on Bob's construction sites, and once he even ran him over (with a pickup truck, not a sports car as SOMEBODY thinks). He has several powerful weapons disguised as mundane tools, such as two Sonic Screwdrivers, a cool energy blade disguised as a saw and unnecessary amounts of nails.


  • He is friends with Kevin (the possessed mech dinosaur, not the weird red triangle idiot).
  • He hates being in That Black Van
  • He has been deported back to Taco Town 65 times. However, in a few days he will be deported again.